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Global Humanity Network Achievements

Refurbished the physical Education building for the students of Little London High school

Our Helping Hands initiative shipped 17 barrels of food to 500 families in the Little London community.

Contributed For The Renovation of The Little London High School Male Bathroom

Donation to Mt. Airy All-age school in Westmoreland Jamaica to purchase 30 classroom ceiling fans.

Donated 200 school book bags to at-risk students in Little London high school






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Global Humanity Network - Year In Review 2022

Featured Project 

The Board of Directors committed to source funds to renovate the building adjoining the Games Field for the Physical Education Department of Little London High School and the Sports Teams of the Community of Little London. The renovation of this building is necessary to ensure that students and community members have a functional environment to conduct sporting activities.


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Your donations will help us make a difference in underdeveloped communities. 


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