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Dr. Laxley W. Stephenson, Scholar Consultant Practitioner, DBA, MSMSL, BSM, is a Founding Director, President & CEO of Global Humanity Network, Inc.


Dr. Stephenson is a United States Air Force veteran and recipient of the United States Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service.


He is a driven, energetic, and highly self-motivated performance leader with 40 plus years of valuable executive-level business experience. Dr. Stephenson has the unique abilities to lead, motivate, inspire, and affect change, with a strong passion for training and organizational development.


He is a certified coach, trainer, speaker, and a Sigma Beta Delta International Business Honor Society member.


Dr. Stephenson is a global change agent with a solid commitment to positive social change. He actively engages in planning and organizing humanity focus missions to individuals and families in the rural parishes of his country of birth, Jamaica.

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Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson, DBA, MBA, BA, Dip a Founding Director, Treasurer, and the Chief Financial Officer of Global Humanity Network, Inc.


He is a healthcare entrepreneur, educator, and community development advocate, and the President/CEO of UNI Healthcare Inc. Dr. Davidson is the recipient of The President of the United States Lifetime Achievement Service Award for his voluntary service in Non-Profit Organizations, Philanthropic Work, and in the Field of Education.


He is an inductee in the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry for his philanthropic work, voluntary service, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, prominence, and a global change agent.


Dr. Davidson is an expert in Non-Profit Business, International Business, Strategic Management, Technological Development, Leadership, Change Management, Human Resource, Human Capital Expert, Corporate Strategy, Organizational Structure, Financial Performance Management, Measurement, and Marketing.

Dr. Delroy Fray, MD, is a Founding Director and Vice President of Global Humanity Network Inc.


He is the Clinical Coordinator of Jamaica's Western Regional Health Authority and is an Associate Lecturer in Surgery at the University of The West Indies, Jamaica. Dr. Fray is the recipient of the Spirit of Independence Award, St. James Parish Council, Jamaica, and the Order of Distinction Office Class O.D., Jamaica.


He is an Honorary Fellow at Montego Bay Community College, Jamaica. His philanthropic contributions include providing funding for primary and high school students in Western Jamaica, feeding program at Salt Spring Primary School, and providing private free medical for patients in schools in Jamaica.


Dr. Fray's Mantra: Ensure that the poor can access the highest level of health care. Mentor primary and secondary school students into proper career choices. To see an excellent health care service for Jamaica.


Mr. Melbourne Gordon, Director & Member of Global Humanity Network Governance Committee.


He is the managing director of Enterprise Welding Services Limited. He was schooled in the United Kingdom and trained as an Electromechanical Engineer. Mr. Gordon currently resides in Jamaica where he has utilized his platform and skills to assist in many different community initiatives.

Martina Davis, Director & Executive Secretary for Global Humanity Network

Martina Davis is a Director and the Executive Secretary of Global Humanity Network Inc. She is an Administrative Support Supervisor in New York.


She has over fifteen years of experience in the healthcare industry and is an expert in developing budgets, managing procurement processes, and daily operations. She is currently completing her master’s degree with the expectation to pursue her doctorate.


Martina has served as chair, coordinator, mentor, and project manager for numerous community-based organizations. Her passion is helping others, and she is known and recognized for her humanitarian work. Martina has successfully planned and executed several small business ventures.

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Dr. Cecelia Lynch-Mitchell, Director & Member of Global Humanity Network Executive Committee.


She is a child advocate, advocating for access and improving the lives of children with Special Needs. Dr. Lynch-Mitchell currently lives and works in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA. She works as an Occupational Therapist at a public school system and owns a pediatric therapy clinic, in Georgia. 

Mrs. Grace Laing-Moore, Director & Chair of Global Humanity Network Governance Committee.


She was born in Little London Westmoreland Jamaica, before immigrating to New York in 1978, where she later joined the New York Public Education system from which she retired in 2013 after 28 years of service.


Grace obtained her Bachelor's and Master of Arts in Political Science from Long Island University. She later obtained her Certificate in School Administration and Supervision from Baruch College.

Grace’s motto is ‘we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” As a dedicated educator, she continues to seek the best outcomes for the young, especially marginalized children. In addition to this, her voluntary work includes mentoring the residents of a local shelter and serving her church in various roles.


Executive Committee 

Dr. Laxley W. Stephenson, President (Chair)

Dr. Delroy Fray, Vice President

Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson, Treasurer

Dr. Cecelia Lynch-Mitchell, Director

Social Media Committee

Ms. Martina Davis (Chair)

Dr. Laxley Stephenson

Dr. Cecelia Lynch-Mitchell

Ms. Donna Thompson 

Fund Development Committee

Dr. Laxley W. Stephenson (Chair)

Mrs. Grace Laing-Moore (Co-Chair)

Dr. Cecelia Lynch-Mitchell 

Ms. Martina Davis (Secretary)

Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson

Mrs. Grace Laing-Moore

Mr. Melbourne Gordon

Ms. Donna Thompson

Mr. Earl Satahoo

Mr. Garfield McCook

Ms. Julet Kasantaroeno-Burton

Ms. Charmaine Myrie

Dr. Danielle Greene

Mr. Colin Gordon

Ms. Ashley Bischoff

Governance Committee 

Mrs. Grace Laing-Moore (Chair)

Mr. Melbourne Gordon

Ms. Martina Davis

Ms. Donna Thompson 

Finance and Audit Committee

Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson  (Chair)

Mrs. Grace Laing-Moore

Mr. Melbourne Gordon

Dr. Cecelia Mitchell

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