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Renovation of the Physical Education Facility

Global Humanity Network, Inc. has embarked on projects that aim to improve the students' quality of life at Little London High School, members of the surrounding communities in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, and Jamaican Students attending Universities in the Jamaican Diaspora. The Board of Directors committed to source funds to renovate the building adjoining the Games Field for the Physical Education Department of Little London High School and the Sports Teams of the Community of Little London. The renovation of this building is necessary to ensure that students and community members have a functional environment to conduct sporting activities. The condition of this facility speaks to the need why we have decided to take on this project. The bathrooms, floors, paint job, and overall structure need repairs. The estimated cost to complete this project is US$25,000 in material cost, and we are soliciting skilled workers to volunteer to complete the work. We intend to renovate the Physical Education building to coincide with Jamaica's 60th Anniversary in 2022.

Build a State of the Art Community Center of Excellence

The Board of Directors has committed to source funds to build a State of the Art Community Center of Excellence to benefit Little London High School and the surrounding communities.


This project supports the school and community's sustainability, growth, and development and will serve as a model for other schools and communities in Jamaica. The cost to complete this initiative is to be determined (TBD)

Music Performers

Mentorship Matters

GHN Mentorship Program will provide mentorship to these school age children with the focus of improving academic performance and improving social emotional positive behaviors. GHN Mentorship Program’s main objective is to encourage students to become lifelong long learners and be positive contributors to their communities and the world at large.
GHN Mentorship team consists of educators, professionals and other individuals who are committed, compassionate and caring. Mentorship will include academic tutoring. Services will be provided to a broad geographical and ethnic range, utilizing an internet-based learning platform and other distant learning methodologies. All resources, supports and interventions will be utilized in a manner consistent with GHN’s core values to produce positive outcomes in the lives of all involved.

Helping Hands Initiative

Helping Hands is an initiative of the Global Humanity Network. Its aim is the feeding of underserved children with the specific goal of aiding their education. 

Educating a child requires many factors and not the least of these is an adequate diet. To this end, GHN is collecting food items and assembling barrels to be sent for distribution at Little London High School in Westmoreland Jamaica. Many of the 900 children who attend this school are at risk. 

This is a first step in providing students and their elder caregivers with some material support. As funds and volunteer help expands, it is GHN‘s goal to broaden this effort of Helping Hands to provide consistent nutritional support and guidance.

The work of this committee aligns with other members of GHN who are working on other initiatives to support the school community. 

Should you be interested in supporting this initiative,  contact us

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