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Global Humanity Network Contributions - 2022 Year In Review

Updated: Jan 10

Global Humanity Network — 2022.

Your donations at work

Through your generosity we were able to accomplish the following In 2022:

  • Funds were donated to Farquharson Early Childhood School in Westmoreland Jamaica to reconnect their water supply. The water was disconnected during the pandemic for non-payment. $350.00

  • Our initial Helping Hands Initiative shipped and distributed food to Little London High school students. $4,320.00

  • Refurbished the boy’s bathroom in Little London High school for a total cost of $10,045.00

  • Donated 200 school book bags to at-risk students in Little London high school $2,000.00

  • Refurbished the physical Education building for the students of Little London High school. $25,135.00

  • Our Helping Hands initiative shipped 12 barrels of food to 500 families in the Little London community. $11,685.00

  • Donation to Little London High School to support community activities. $3,000.00

  • Donation to New Wine basic school in Portland Jamaica for plumbing supplies to connect their water. $200.00

  • Donation to Mt. Airy All-age school in Westmoreland Jamaica to purchase 30 ceiling fans. $2,045.00

  • Donation to the children of Asylum Seekers residing at the Glo Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. $500.00

  • Donated Christmas gifts to Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter in Atlanta GA $480.34

  • Donation to the Bulgarian Online Teaching Platform for Refugees in Sofia Bulgaria $346.00

  • Donation to 100 blankets (Christmas gifts) given directly by GHN members to the underserved in Los Angeles County. $1,000.00

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