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Global Humanity Network Renovates Battered Little London High School Male Student Bathroom

Updated: Feb 17

Donation to GHN by UNI Healthcare Inc., C/O Dr. Binzie Roy Davidson $10,000.00 for Renovation of Little London High School Boys Bathroom.

The members of Global Humanity Network were made aware by the principal, that the boy’s bathroom in Little London High School had fallen into utter disrepair.

Pictures of Sinks before Global Humanity Network

Pictures of Sinks after GHN renovation:

Pictures of Showers before GHN Renovation:

Eight Individual urinals replaced the common space that previously existed, new toilets and showers were added, the complete area was retiled and the vanity area completely reconstructed.

Pictures of showers after Global Humanity Network renovations:

Principal James noted that not only was the upgrade critical, but it supported a broader educational purpose by instilling pride and confidence in the boys, giving them a sense of self-worth, despite their challenging personal situations.

Check out the progress report/transformation video below!

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